Get Weed in Washington DC Legally

How to Get Weed in Washington DC Legally?

Buying marijuana is legal in Washington, DC for people ages 21 and older, although there are certain restrictions to follow. If you don’t have a marijuana medical card or recreational access to dispensaries, however, possessing cannabis can still be considered illegal under federal law. As the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes continues to evolve, you may be able to acquire it in different ways without facing any legal issues. If you just moved into Washington from recreational states like California or Denver or are just here for a vacation, finding cannabis here is tough. Read on to find out how you can get different cannabis products while you’re staying in Washington. 

Legalization of Weed Application

The Washington States passed Initiative 71 in 2014, allowing the distribution and purchase of cannabis for medical and personal use. But the law only permits people to get a limited amount of cannabis to prevent cannabis overdose. 

Adults are only allowed to purchase up to two ounces of cannabis at a time, and they are not allowed to sell or distribute it. For personal consumption, you are only permitted to plant up to 6 flowering plants in your backyard. Initiative 71 strictly prohibits the use of cannabis in public places. And most importantly, you must not possess cannabis plants or any related products if you’re below 21 years old. 

You’ll have a violation if you drive under the influence of cannabis. Unlike recreational cannabis initiatives in other states, the sale of marijuana is strictly prohibited, so no cannabis dispensaries are operating in Washington, DC. The law also states that direct selling or distribution to users is not permitted, but trading or “gifting” techniques are allowed. 

Gifting is a marketing strategy wherein people can buy different products like shirts, shoes, and accessories directly from smoke shops with the free cannabis already included in the package. Aside from this, the direct trading of cannabis in exchange for money is a serious offense. 

Acquiring Weeds With No Legal Predicaments

Since marijuana dispensaries are not allowed in Washington, DC, consider using other methods, including purchasing from smoke shops, weed delivery DC services, event places, cannabis directories, and meet-ups. You can get your cannabis through these purchasing methods, but remember not to exceed the amount of cannabis or violate any of these restrictions set under Initiative 71.

1. Online Delivery

Yes, you heard it. You can have your cannabis delivered straight to your doorstep. This way, you don’t have to go to smoke shops or meet anyone to get cannabis. Many online shops like The High Guru offer delivery services, so it’s easy to receive your cannabis once you call or order the products you want.

If you consider the weed delivery option, make sure to leave a review so that other marijuana enthusiasts may know if the online shop where you have purchased cannabis offers excellent services or lack any ingredients in their products. Some popular online cannabis delivery service providers may include:

  • All The Buzz
  • Purple Penthouse
  • Peace In The Air
  • King Budz
  • The High Guru
  • District Connect

2. Smoke Shops 

If you don’t prefer delivery service or weed event, you can visit any smoke shops nearest you. You can get cannabis here as a free item when you buy products such as shirts, hats, accessories, stickers, and scented candles from these establishments. However, shop owners may only accommodate those who are age 21 and above. Aside from this, every smoke shop has an individual gift policy clearly explaining whether you’re qualified to take or receive cannabis from them. Examples of smoke shops in Washington DC are All The Buzz, Peace In The Air, and Gifted Curators. 

3. Cannabis Event

Private cannabis events are gaining popularity in many places in Washington, DC. You can be invited to attend various forms of events such as auctions, art exhibitions, and exclusive dining. Similar to other methods, you must be over 21 years old and possess an invitation from the host. You don’t have to be a medical marijuana patient or resident of Washington to participate. 

Meet-up Service 

If you want to meet with a cannabis supplier, there are many safe and convenient locations in DC. If security and privacy are your primary concern when buying weeds, you can hire a meet-up service. Services like this can help you set up your appointment and have someone meet you for your cannabis. But it will require proof of identification to verify your age before you can be allowed to participate. 

You can also try searching online directories that offer weed delivery and free weed hosting. To join or sign up for such sites, you must be over 21 years old, but you don’t need to be a medical patient marijuana to qualify.

Finding high-quality cannabis should not be a problem for you, although there are no marijuana dispensaries in Washington, DC. Whether you need potent medical marijuana itself or an assortment of cannabis products, let our representatives at handle all your concerns about acquiring cannabis.  

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