The High Guru delivery stands firm in its mission to provide cannabis service to hundreds in the state of Washington DC. As the state of Washington sees its consumer percentage of cannabis rise dramatically, the need to provide the population with high-quality marijuana has also increased.

The High Guru takes it upon itself to deliver highly potent concentrates and cannabis products that are regulated under a strict protocol to ensure the best weed production in town.

We are I71 compliant and nothing is for sale but given as a gift for donations. You will receive a non marijuana item with every order either a bag or sticker etc. Orders will accrue a delivery fee of $20 per delivery unless stated otherwise. Orders for delivery have a 2oz maximum per person per order.

Check out our I71 Compliance page to learn more.

Our Vision and Mission

As a deliverer of cannabis, The High Guru is striving to make for itself a prominent place in the growing marijuana industry. Our sole mission is to restrict the growing number of unreliable cannabis in the market by providing a cheaper and safer alternative to their services.

We are embarked determinedly on a journey to ensure that all weed consumers in DC are supplied with only the best and the most authentic cannabis products. We find it our responsibility to educate and enlighten the growing population of weed users about its uses, legality, and health risks posed by the drug upon those who disregard its safety protocols. We make sure that our weed is delivered only to adults who have reached their legal age, i.e. 21 according to the laws of Washington.

In our mission to provide the highest quality in all medicinal and recreational drugs, we envision becoming the top weed delivering company in the whole of the US, entrusted by millions around the world.