Cookies are files with small pieces of data. The data is typically your username, password, or other small details. This data is sent by the website and saved to the browser when you use the internet.

We use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored in the hard drive of the computer when you browse through websites. And session cookies are used only while your browser is active. It expires once it’s closed. We may or may not use both together.

Session cookies help us navigate your use of our site, enabling us to make the experience tailored as per your interests. Persistent cookies let us identify your browser and IP address but cannot allow us to view or collect your personal data such as passwords or credit card information.

However, this does not mean that you lose all control over your data. We at The High Guru always ask for permission before enabling cookies. Therefore, it is upon you to accept or refuse cookies as per your satisfaction. Browsers can also be customized to reject cookies from certain or all websites or be allowed to send you notifications when cookies are received. However, customizing may or may not reduce the functionality of some web pages including ours.

Data generated via cookies is used to look for statistically aggregated information only to provide better user service. The information we use is thoroughly analyzed using web analytics tools. Be ensured that your data is protected at all costs and is not misused by The High Guru.