Get a free Bag of Marijuana with COVID19 vaccine

How to Get a Free bag of Marijuana with the COVID-19 Vaccine?

The vaccination drive in various United States places now shifts towards individuals who are still reluctant about the COVID vaccine. According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over one-third of the country’s total population has been completely vaccinated. Since there are still many people who need to be vaccinated, city officials and private sectors have started giving away incentives and perks to encourage people to take the shot. One of these attractive perks is distributing free weeds to marijuana enthusiasts and patients in need. 

People weary of taking the vaccine are being offered diverse incentives to roll up their sleeves. Getting free marijuana with a COVID-19 vaccine has been proven effective in enticing people to get vaccinated. This move has not resulted in any legal issues since most US territories now allow the use of cannabis at a certain amount. In Initiative 71, for example, only up to two ounces of cannabis is permitted by the law, and you can’t sell it to anyone. 

Aside from free weeds, you can also get free donuts, popcorn, shopping vouchers, and bus rides. This technique, by city officials, is already being practiced in numerous places, including Illinois, Michigan, and Washington.  

How to Get Your Free Cannabis

Cannabis activists and private businesses offer free marijuana to people who have been vaccinated. To get free cannabis, you must show proof of vaccination, or they will give you a vaccination card after you have been vaccinated. However, the vaccinated card must be original and should have an official seal of the vaccination clinic before you can be issued free cannabis or other forms of incentives. Submitting a fake vaccination card in exchange for incentives is considered a severe offense. 

Remember that the distribution and sale of marijuana are strictly prohibited unless you obtain it from certified marijuana dispensaries. No person under the age of 21 should use or possess medical cannabis. But some legislation like initiative 71 in Washington State allows the trading and gifting of cannabis to a certain extent. 

Before you exercise this privilege, you should know the restrictions regarding the use and possession of cannabis in your area. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to use, sell or distribute cannabis. You also can’t trade cannabis with anyone in exchange for money. And you could be violating a traffic violation or criminal law if you drive under the influence of cannabis.

Businesses are doing their part in motivating the general public to get vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. Even medical marijuana dispensaries offer free edibles to anyone who already has proof of vaccination. However, you’re probably wondering where you can get free cannabis with your COVID vaccination card.

Some businesses provide free bags of cannabis to customers even though you don’t sell marijuana. Smoke shops, for example, may give free cannabis if you show a vaccination card, but you must purchase products from the shop. In some instances, you can also get medical marijuana from sports bars, clubs, and recreational facilities when you reach the minimum purchase amount. As long as you have a valid vaccination card, you can indeed find establishments that provide this incentive. 

You may receive a free bag of cannabis with a COVID vaccine by purchasing different retail products, and you can get cannabis as a free item. Other exciting sources where you can ger free cannabis include:


  • Bed and breakfast
  • Website and apps
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Painting or craft classes
  • Baking Classes

The sources mentioned above can provide free cannabis to customers, mainly if you will use it for relaxation and recreational purposes. But you must have a COVID vaccination card to make that cannabis available. But even more important is that you enjoy these businesses’ products in exchange for the free weed bag. Even though direct selling of marijuana is strictly prohibited, you can still support the cannabis industry by offering various products, equipment, and accessories that consumers might need. Before you launch your cannabis-related product line, here is an example of a cannabis-related business you can gain some insights from:

But if you want a safe and convenient way to get various cannabis-related products, visit You can have the products delivered to your doorstep without the need to visit any smoke shops. As part of weed delivery DC, you can now quickly get your favorite cannabis products like flowers, cartridges, capsules, and edibles at any given time.

The distribution of free cannabis in exchange for the COVID vaccine is considered an effective strategy for government officials to get everyone vaccinated. But it’s not only cannabis that people can enjoy. They can also take the opportunity to receive cash, savings bonds, freebies, and work benefits as attractive perks. Not only cannabis enthusiasts will benefit from this move, and businesses that want to open as soon as the pandemic is over.


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