Cannabis Employees in Maryland Qualified for Coronavirus Vaccine

Cannabis Employees in Maryland Qualified for Coronavirus Vaccine

Cannabis is still a Schedule One drug, but the Cannabis Program has created a new law that allows Cannabis to qualify for the vaccine. The Cannabis Industry Association of America estimates that there are over 100,000 people working in the cannabis industry nationwide. This includes employees and those who work on farms or dispensaries and investors, and other entrepreneurs. They are all at risk of contracting this disease from handling infected plants or animals. Because of this, Cannabis employees in Maryland can now be vaccinated against CoronavirusCoronavirus to prevent them from getting sick and spreading it at work or, even worse, dying of the virus while on duty.

In order to qualify for the vaccine, Cannabis Employees in Maryland will need a valid government ID. Cannabis employees should also stay vigilant for symptoms of CoronavirusCoronavirus, which include fever and muscle aches, similar to those caused by flu. Symptoms may be more severe than other common illnesses due to the infection’s direct contact with lung tissue and air. Cannabis employees should see a doctor immediately if they have any of these symptoms.

As Cannabis employees are now qualified for the vaccine, Cannabis Employees in Maryland will receive a free Coronavirus Vaccine from their employer, who is in a cannabis-related business. This rule would allow Cannabis Employers to provide coronavirus vaccinations to Cannabis employees who work in a Cannabis work area. The vaccine is recommended for all Cannabis Employees. Still, employers may require that certain Cannabis employees get vaccinated if they are at increased risk of contracting the virus or because their job duties put them more likely at risk for exposure.

What is Cannabis Employee?

The Cannabis Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in America. It is expected to grow by 25% every year through 2022, with Cannabis jobs being the fastest growing industry as more states legalize Cannabis products for medical and recreational use. Cannabis employees are in high demand, and Cannabis companies have many Cannabis job openings available.

A Cannabis employee is a person who has been hired by an establishment that provides Cannabis products, which may be medical or recreational dispensaries, Cannabis cultivators, and Cannabis manufacturers. Cannabis employees are required to have a Cannabis worker card and complete the requisite training courses as per state guidelines.

People interested in becoming Cannabis Employees in Maryland can apply for their license through the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation website. Cannabis employers will need to provide information about cannabis-related equipment or activities that are hazardous on the job site and how many people may be exposed to the hazard. Cannabis employees will need medical and psychological examination results before they are qualified for Cannabis in Maryland license.

Roles and Duties of a Cannabis Employee

Cannabis production companies need workers who are skilled at harvesting Cannabis, trimming it carefully so Cannabis flowers stay whole, and processing Cannabis. Cannabis employees will need to be able to stand for long periods of time because they are required to work in very tightly packed and humid spaces that Cannabis plants grow in. Here are the three core role of a Cannabis employee:


As a Cannabis employee, one of your jobs is to trim Cannabis. Cannabis flowers need to be trimmed before it is sold and consumed for their medicinal properties. Cannabis farmers will harvest the Cannabis plant and hang them upside down to dry out in a dark room with controlled temperatures and humidity levels. Then cut off the leaves seen at the stem of plants and other unwanted parts like branches or seeds and leave Cannabis flowers for the Cannabis employees to trim.

Processing Cannabis

Cannabis employees will also process Cannabis after it is harvested and trimmed by drying, curing, de-hulling, or removing seeds from Cannabis flowers with machines, just like how cocoa beans are processed before they can be turned into chocolate bars. Curing Cannabis involves exposing Cannabis flowers to dry, cool air for 30 days or more. Cannabis is de-hulled by shaking Cannabis plants over a screen which filters out the seeds from Cannabis leaves that Cannabis employees then collect and discard.

Packaging and Labeling

Another essential role of a Cannabis employee is to pack and label weeds accordingly. Cannabis products should be sealed in airtight Cannabis packaging. Cannabis labeling is critical for Cannabis employees to follow as it provides:

  • Information on the Cannabis product, such as its cannabinoid and terpene contents
  • CBD content
  • THC content
  • Growth date of Cannabis plant, or harvest date
  • Storage instructions (e.g., “Keep out of reach from children”)

Benefits of Cannabis Employment

Cannabis employees will have access to free training, an opportunity for career advancement, as well as good pay with benefits including medical coverage and dental insurance. This is appealing for people who don’t want to risk their current Cannabis employment for fear of not obtaining Cannabis-related jobs in the future.

Being a Cannabis Employees has many perks, and there is no need for experience or qualifications for these cannabis jobs. Here are a few of the many benefits to being a Cannabis Employee, including:

  • Cannabis employees can earn a living wage without going into debt while earning Medical Cannabis card benefits such as Cannabis prescription coverage, Cannabis IRA plans, and Cannabis paid parental leave.
  • The average salary for Cannabis Employees in Maryland is $47,000, with medical cannabis cards being available to qualifying patients at any time of the day or night.
  • With Cannabis jobs being the fastest growing industry, you can expect Cannabis job opportunities to continue growing exponentially in the years to come.
  • Cannabis jobs are available all across Maryland, with Cannabis employment positions in Baltimore City and Montgomery County.
  • Cannabis employees can get their Medical Cannabis cards through a dispensary for qualifying patients like you right now
  • Cannabis Employees in Maryland Qualified for Coronavirus Vaccine

Protection for Cannabis Employees

The Cannabis Employment Law passed on October 11th, 2018, is designed to protect Cannabis Workers from discrimination when they apply for a job or seek employment opportunities. Cannabis employees qualify as people who work under the supervision of cannabis-related businesses, including dispensaries, laboratories, processing plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Cannabis employees are protected from discrimination in the application process for employment as well as during their employment by a cannabis-related business based on race, color, national origin or ancestry, religion (including religious practice), sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age 18 and older disability status, veteran status, genetic information (including family history), or any other protected category under applicable law.

Since Cannabis employees may experience sore muscles, fatigue, numbness, or tingling fingers, cannabis employees must follow strict safety procedures when working with Cannabis plants and Cannabis products because they are highly flammable.

1) Cannabis employers must provide all of their Cannabis employees with appropriate PPE such as eye protection, gloves, masks, and Cannabis-specific respirators when Cannabis employees are in a Cannabis work area. In addition, Cannabis Employees may also be exposed to pesticides on Cannabis plants or during the processing of Cannabis plant material.

2) Employers must protect their Cannabis employees from these chemicals by providing them with wash stations that have ample access to soap and water so they can wash their Cannabis-contaminated skin and change out of contaminated clothing.

3) Cannabis is usually handled in a Cannabis work area, which has increased risks to Cannabis employees due to the use of high-powered machines that produce dust at levels not found elsewhere in an establishment. This is why employers must provide ventilation for all Cannabis work areas, so Cannabis employees don’t experience Cannabis-related dust inhalation.

4) Cannabis employees are now eligible to be vaccinated against CoronavirusCoronavirus, a potential danger for people who work with cannabis plants and products regularly. Cannabis Employees may have been exposed to this dangerous virus that causes lung disease called pneumonia or can even lead to death.

Cannabis employees in Maryland are highly trained to help you with your Cannabis needs. Visit The High Guru website to learn more about Cannabis jobs and the Cannabis industry.

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