Gone are the days when the consumption and delivery of weed was considered a clandestine affair. When it took the bold and reckless to be open about their preference of the cannabis.

Today, the world has become much more accepting towards marijuana. With multiple states including Washington DC, having legalized its consumption, allowing marijuana to become a booming legal industry worth 1.6 billion US dollars.  However, even with the increasing popularity of legally buying and consuming weed, it remains a controversial affair. Meaning, it is not as convenient to buy and use weed as it would be for an over the counter drug. For anyone in the DC area, if you wish to order and use weed legally you should first acquaint yourself with Initiative 71.

The Rules in Washington DC

Before you decide to use weed for recreation purposes. It is strongly advised that you acquaint yourself with the federal laws surrounding it. This is to ensure that you do not cross the line between legal and illegal consumption of the substance. The rules pertaining to buying, selling and consumption of weed are included in what is called Initiative 71 also called the ‘legalization of minimal amount of marijuana for personal use act’. Through this act some of the key rules, that you as a consumer, should be aware of are:

  • You are at least 21 years of age to handle the substance,
  • Possess no more than 2 ounces of weed while in public.
  • You can not sell the substance without a state issued licence.
  • You can not smoke the substance in public and if caught can face a fine of 25$.
  • You are allowed to share your weed with another person, provided they are older than 21 years of age and you do not share more than one ounce.
  • You cannot smoke weed in areas owned by the federal government including government building or the National parks.
  • You can not grow more than six marijuana plants.

Even under Initiative 71, access to legal weed has been quite arduous for individual consumers to medical centres. However, in 2019 a campaign for the regularization of safe selling of marijuana was carried out. This campaign was conducted through Mayor Bowser and backed by many other weed legalization supporters and through their effort they were able to bring about the Safe Cannabis Act, which made the string for selling weed a little less stringent. A more popular clause of this act allowed banks to fund the cannabis production processes.

Weed Delivery Under a Legal Umbrella

Owing to the small ease of laws in handling weed, many companies in Washington DC have made it possible to manufacture and deliver weed to citizens under the safe umbrella of governing laws. Meaning if you wish to use quality weed, you can contact any agency which handles the substance legally, and have it delivered to you in time. The High Guru is one of the larger among such companies which handles and manages the delivery for quality weed swiftly. Hence, regardless of you being a DC resident or otherwise, you can have weed delivered to you through The High Guru’s online site 24/7.

If you’re still worried about how The High Guru and other companies tend to manage their marijuana delivery service under the governing laws, the process is quite tactful and simple. While, buying and selling weed in large amounts may be illegal it is still within the law to provide someone an appropriate amount of the substance for free. You can refer to the rules which were stated previously for further clarity.

This means that you can purchase any of the non marijuana products given on the site menu and you will receive a certain amount of marijuana with the chosen product for free. You don’t have to worry about any of the bureaucratic processes such as the ones in the weed dispensaries and you don’t need any medical card to confirm your purchase either. Simply select any of the products you want from our vendors, be it a t-shirt, baseball cap or a lunch box and you will receive a complimentary attachment of marijuana with your order.

Delivery Methods

Generally, for companies that deal with the delivery of recreation marijuana, the delivery address Is often kept very flexible. Meaning you can get your products delivered to almost anywhere e.g. in a café, at a restaurant or even in person, as long as it is within the nocompany’s delivery area. Another thing that these companies focus particularly on is the delivery time. Almost all deliveries are made within the same day and most are completed within the first few hours of order placement.

The High Guru, itself particularly has two main modes of delivery the first is similar to the one previously mentioned, provided the delivery is made within the daily 7 am to 11 pm schedule. The other and more popular form for The High Guru delivery is its unique events. Taking delivery concerns into account, the company organises events where you can safely receive your products. The schedule of these events is posted on the The High Guru Instagram page and website. This event can provide you with a very fun opportunity to meet other marijuana enthusiasts and spend quality recreation time with them.

User Discretion

Finally, while the consumption of weed for personal use is being regularised it is to be noted that similar to other drugs, the user is always advised to be responsible in the amount and frequency of their consumption. As abuse of the drug can have detrimental effects to the user’s health and personal life. Hence, even though companies like The High Guru do wish to cater to your recreational needs by providing you quality weed, you yourself are responsible to how you take advantage of this platform.