Weed: What You Can and Can Not Do?

Weed: What You Can and Can Not Do?

Marijuana/weed legality is quite confusing in the US. Marijuana is illegal at the federal level for both recreational and medicinal purposes. However, some states have made it legal under some conditions. Washington, DC is the states’ capital, and thus it has its own laws regarding the legality of weed.  

Weed Laws in DC

People older than 21 can have marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. 

However, the dispensaries in DC cannot sell marijuana for recreational purposes. They can only sell marijuana to people registered with the DC medical marijuana program (MMJ).

Medical marijuana was legalized in DC in 1998. Under the 2014 legislation, patients can freely purchase and use Marijuana in DC for medicinal purposes. Adults can possess four ounces of marijuana and grow six plants in their homes.  

Regarding the use of marijuana/weed for recreational purposes, the law in DC was passed in 2014. This allows 21 years or older people to possess two ounces of marijuana and can grow six cannabis plants, out of which three or fewer plants can be mature.

In DC, People 21 or Older Can:

Under initiative 71 and the District of Columbia’s marijuana laws, marijuana/weed has been legalized. If your age is 21 years or older, you can:

  • Possess 2 ounces of marijuana/weed either in person or in the household.
  • Grow up to 6 plants of marijuana at home. However, no more than 3 of these plants can be flowering or mature at once.
  • Grow more than 12 marijuana plants in a single household regardless of the number of adults living in that home. In this case, no more than six plants can be flowering at once.
  • Smoke or use marijuana on private property. However, senior college students can be punished by the university or college if this act violates the institution’s rules.
  • Transfer 1 ounce or less amount of marijuana to another person, as long as there is no involvement of money or goods and the person is of 21 years or older.

In DC, People 21 or Older Cannot:

There are some restrictions for people of 21 years or older in purchasing marijuana. In DC, you cannot:

  • Sell marijuana/weed to the other person.
  • Possess marijuana of more than two ounces in person or household.
  • Drive a vehicle while being under the influence of marijuana.
  • Smoke/consume marijuana in your car or any other public place.
  • Purchase marijuana/weed anywhere for recreational purposes.

How to Purchase Marijuana in Washington, DC?

Since marijuana/weed cannot be purchased in DC and only be gifted to another person, according to initiative 71, people have come up with interesting ideas.

  • Weed delivery DC is still an option as it is compliant with the law. The business delivers products to people and gifts marijuana along with it.
  • People sell tickets to some events. Later on, the ticket holders get marijuana for free from these people.

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