Is Weed Legal in DC?

Is Weed Legal in Washington DC?

It seems like legal weed is everywhere in 2021. If you’re planning a trip to the nation’s Capitol this summer or driving through, you may wonder if it’s legal to take near the White House. Don’t worry. As long as you stay off Federal property, you’re safe. You can even hit up weed delivery DC, so you don’t have to hunt down a storefront.


Washington, D.C. & Legal Adult-Use Marijuana


In 2015, Washington, D.C., legalized recreational weed use for adults 21 and older. That’s where any similarities between the country’s Capitol and legal marijuana end. You can’t buy weed in Washington, D.C. Instead, it can only be shared or gifted.

Okay, so, how do you get premium buds if you can’t buy them at a shop? The simple answer—You purchase something else and get a reward for your sale. Yes, entrepreneurs will always find a way to make money and stay within the law. Many services allow you to purchase a kickass T-shirt, coffee mug, or poster, and in return, choose a free gift.

Options are far from limited. Pick an eighth of your favorite strain, a few pre-rolls for a party later, or some edibles to pop in your hotel room to get some sleep when you’re away from home. Of course, the prices of your items are going to cost a little more. For example, you may find yourself paying $50 for a T-shirt. But, what you’re getting in return is much higher quality, so it’s an even trade.


Weed Delivery in D.C.


Storefronts in D.C. are limited. The easiest route is to Google “legal weed delivery near me” and choose a highly rated weed delivery service in D.C. Don’t worry if you’re at a hotel or just driving through the district. Marijuana companies can deliver anywhere in the area, including non-federal parks, hotel rooms, and even street corners. Yes, it’s legal to buy weed on a random street corner in D.C. That’s somewhat ironic!

And of course, if you live there, you can get weed delivery to your doorstep. Keep in mind that most services charge for sales of less than an ounce or two. Most delivery costs are reasonable and save you the frustration of hunting down a storefront.


Places to Avoid with Legal D.C. Weed


While smoking, vaping, eating, and drinking marijuana is 100% legal for anyone 21 and older in the district, it’s not as simple as other recreational states. All bets are off on Federal land, and as you may guess, Washington, D.C., has a large chunk of it. The district includes 28.51 percent federal property. That’s 12,173,814 acres where you can’t spark one. Of course, the good news is you have over 70% where you’re perfectly safe sharing a pre-roll with friends.

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