Can You Smoke and Drive in Washington?

Can You Smoke and Drive in Washington?

Though you’re not allowed to use marijuana federally, you can use it in Washington DC for both medicinal and recreational purposes. However, it’s strictly illegal to sell marijuana in Washington DC. I know you think when we can smoke marijuana even for recreational uses, why can we not sell it?

This brings me a question when the sale of weed is illegal, how can we get it? You may also have this question. But you should say thanks to weed delivery DC (TheHighGuru.Com) that provides high-quality weed. TheHighGuru.Com also assures you that they provide genuine and potent cannabis concentrates and products managed under strict protocol. 

Before diving into the details of weed delivery DC, we love to answer a question that we get asked more often. Can you smoke and drive in Washington? Wait, I would like to answer this in detail. If you’re over 21, you can use cannabis; however, it does not mean that you can use it anywhere. Washington has some rules that you need to know before using weed. 

I think you don’t have any idea about where you’re allowed to use weed and where not. Don’t worry; this article is especially for you. Today, you will learn DC’s laws about cannabis and the places where you can smoke and where not. Let’s dive into details. 

Can you Smoke and Drive in Washington?

According to initiative 71 and DC’s marijuana laws, over 21 can possess and consume marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. However, the situation will be different when it comes to smoking while driving your car. 

No doubt, marijuana is legal in DC, and you can even possess 2 ounces, but there are some places where you’re not allowed to smoke. If you do that, you could be arrested. Similarly, smoking in your car, whether you’re driving or it’s parked, is illegal. 

Like others, if you’re also considering your car as private property and smoking marijuana, this could be a severe violation, and it’s considered just like a DUI. Do you know how many DUI charges? It charges a penalty of $1000 or up to 180 days jail. 

Initiative 71 allows anyone, whether they’re not living in DC, to possess and consume marijuana. Yeah, you’re allowed, and you can smoke in DC, but here are some other places than your car where laws don’t allow any to consume marijuana.

Places Where DC’s Law Don’t Allow to Consume Marijuana/Weed

According to Washington’s laws, it’s illegal to consume weed in places where you can come in the view of the general public. I needed to let you know first about the places where you’re allowed to smoke. No problem, we will also discuss them. Let’s continue this.

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I apologize, but it was necessary; that’s why I took you off the topic. Thanks for your patience. Let’s back to the places where you can’t smoke weed. If you’re walking in the street, you can’t smoke because this also falls under the general public. 

DC’s laws don’t allow anyone to smoke in public stores, including small shops, superstores, grocery stores, and many more. If you’re a wine lover and love to drink in bars, well, enjoy your drink, but keep in mind, you can’t smoke even in bars.

Similarly, you’re not allowed to consume weed in clubs, stadiums, gyms, public parks, bus stations, etc. It’s your responsibility to respect and follow DC’s law. As a good citizen, this is not only for you; we all are responsible for following GOVT laws and regulations. 

If you break the rules, you will have to face a hefty penalty. For your awareness, we love to tell you this too, the maximum penalty for smoking weed or marijuana in public places is a $500.00 fine or 60 days jail. Now it’s up to you, whether you follow the laws or break them.

The Places where DC’s Law allows to smoke

In Washington DC, you can smoke anywhere except for where laws don’t permit it. In simple words, you can smoke at any place if it does not fall under the general public category. Hopefully, you know better about public places. If not, please read above about where you can’t smoke. 

If you own private property, you can smoke whenever you want. However, we strongly recommend avoiding smoking in your home because it may negatively impact your family, especially kids. 

Here are some places that allow smoking weed. Let’s know about them. 

Rooftop Nightclubs/barsOrder your quality and 100% pure cannabis using weed delivery DC like TheHighGuru.Com services. After then, walk into a nightclub. Make sure they allow to smoke weed. Don’t worry; some Nightclubs in DC allow customers to consume marijuana at their rooftops.

  • Georgetown

Georgetown can be a safe place to smoke because it houses many smoke shops. Though there is also some restriction, there’s a heart captive waterfront area that smokers often use it.  

  • U Street

You can also call U street cultural center and nightfall center. This is another attractive, safe smoke point.

  • Congressional Cemetery

It is one of the safest places for smokers. You can feel pretty silent here because there are no large crowds. This makes it safe and peaceful. If you’re looking to enjoy a silent mood, Congressional Cemetery is an excellent place. 

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