The main priority of The High Guru is to ensure the privacy of its users. We find it our responsibility to ensure that your data remains safe and secure. All the data you store and share on our website is completely encrypted. No one has the rights to access it without providing the complete authentication details.


To get a better idea of how safe your data and credentials can be when using The High Guru, please read the Privacy Policy as shared below.

All you need to know about Personal Information

Personal Information refers to the data that is solely linked to your identity. This includes your name, address, phone number, date of birth, place of residence, city, or country.

The Need for Personal Information

When The High Guru asks for your Personal Information, there are several reasons why we collect this Information. If you have doubts, please read the following points to have a better understanding.


  • The High Guru, before letting you sign in, generally asks for your date of birth. The primary reason behind collecting this Information is to verify if you are 21 years of legal age. The High Guru is strictly against any underage person using our site to order marijuana.
  • Your address is asked for the company to check for the place of delivery. This address is only for order processing and shipment.
  • One primary reason behind the collection of personal Information is to make sure that The High Guru users fulfil the bylaws of the state and region.
  • To monitor your preference and activities on our website.

Storage of Your Personal Information

All the data collected from our users is stored in the USA Data Centre, where only the authorized users access this Information by providing encrypted passwords.


If you still have some questions, you can contact The High Guru Customer Service Representative via email or phone number provided below. Make sure to check for the FAQ section of our website. It will aid you in clearing out your misconceptions regarding the Privacy Policy of your data. Some of the telephonic discussions are recorded for security purposes. Therefore, we assume you have us given the consent of recording your telephone call or email.